The Commons

The More You Know, The More You Grow
Welcome to the first AI-powered application purpose-built to foster the deep connections that drive employee productivity, engagement, and retention.

The One Place Your Company Comes Together

The Commons is a breakthrough - the first application that creates one place where every employee can go to create meaningful connections across your company - easily, instantly, and naturally.

Create Connections

Create Connections

Getting to know people in your company really well is really hard - now you can instantly and easily create meaningful connections and accelerate “speed to trust” with members of your team.
  • Get to know people on your team and across your company in minutes vs. months.
  • Instantly view the professional and personal interests that you share with someone, making it super simple to get to know your colleagues.
  • Instantly connect for an introduction via chat, e-mail or by scheduling time together.

Join Cohorts of Colleagues

Join Cohorts of Colleagues

Feeling part of a group is challenging - now you can automatically join, share experiences with, and learn from cohorts of colleagues who share your common interests.
  • Automatically become a part of groups of people from across your company who share your personal and professional interests where you can exchange ideas and best practices.
  • Easily access and join Employees Resource Groups and other communities in your company.
  • Post ideas and experiences to and access a customized feed from cohorts you participate in.

Have "Cooler" Conversations

Have "Cooler" Conversations

Coolers simulate what it's like when you're working in a pod or hanging out with work colleagues in the kitchen - it's not a meeting, it's cooler.
  • Join virtual, real-time cooler conversations driven by voice not video.
  • Jump into and out of any cooler at any time - it's a more casual way to bump into and meet people across your company.
  • Talk, chat, create a whiteboard or share your screen or you can also just listen in while you work on other things.

Build Your Network

Speed Network

Building your professional network is super important but super hard - our dynamic digital speed networking makes expanding your network stunningly simple and incredibly efficient.
  • Expand your professional network with 30- or 60-minute sessions where you rotate virtual rooms to quickly meet lots of new people in your company.
  • Quickly get to know people by viewing the person's profile to see what you share in common.
  • Provides the ability to expand your network across different departments, teams, and locations.

Find a Mentor, Be a Mentor

Find a Mentor

Mentoring programs are well intentioned, but often fall well short of expectations - now you can instantly find a mentor and keep the conversation going over time.
  • Leverage our matching algorithm that pairs participants based on common interests, skills, and goals.
  • Connect in a dynamic, video-based session that enables screen sharing and virtual whiteboards to enhance the experience.
  • Supports "peer programs" and "buddy systems" to extend the reach and impact beyond traditional mentoring programs.

Explore Your Team

Explore Your Team

Most organizational charts are hard to access and less than helpful - our dynamic org chart radically simplifies finding people and understanding your company.
  • Search team members and go directly to their profile in your company's organization chart.
  • Easily access team member's profiles and your company directory via our mobile application.
  • Quickly understand the structure and dynamics of your team to help build your professional network throughout your company.


Works with Slack, Teams, and all major HRIS applications with SSO available.
Stunningly simple to use. No training needed.
Instant Implementation
You can deploy in less than a day.

Driven by Data

The 2x Effect on Your Company
The 2x Effect on Your Company
Largest ongoing employee experience research project concludes people with trusted relationships are twice as likely to recommend their company as a great place to work - the key driver of employee net promoter score (eNPS) and a major factor in recruiting, retention, and productivity.
The #1 Factor for Your People
The #1 Factor for Your People
30-year study concludes that building strong relationships has the highest correlation to health and happiness. What matters the most personally also matters the most professionally. People with trusted relationships are twice as likely to stay - people with toxic relationships are twice as likely to leave.
The #1 Challenge for Leaders
The #1 Challenge for Leaders
Our research with the world's largest association of CEOs revealed a crisis of confidence in how to create connections and cultivate company culture. All companies have the same problem in common and CEO's, Boards and leader of team as all looking for a way to solve it.

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