is a breakthrough.

A truly novel application for
creating connection and community
in your company.

A Call to Action for All Companies

Our research with over 1,600 CEOs confirmed that there is a crisis when it comes to creating a sense of connection, community, and culture within companies. The time is now to connect and a big part of the answer is creating a “neural network effect” within your company.

It's Time to Connect

The changes in the workplace have pulled people apart. Whether your team members are on site, hybrid or remote, everyone is struggling with how to make meaningful connections and build trusting relationships within their company.
InCommon brings people back together by making it stunningly simple for people to create connections in your company.

The (Neural) Network Effect™

You can think of any company as a neural network. The more connections created between people on your team and the stronger those connections, the smarter your company. It's truly a multiplier and network effect.
InCommon creates a (Neural) Network Effect™, increasing the collective intelligence of your team while improving employee experience within your company.

The InCommon Solution

InCommon is a breakthrough application that creates a sense of connection and community in your company in an incredibly simple, streamlined, and meaningful way. It helps people on your team grow, both personally and professionally, by building trusting relationships across your company.
It provides the ability for people on your team better Connect, build a Community, and come together to Convene in new, dynamic ways. It also helps employees feel part of your CORE by providing managers with tools to Coach team members to help improve their experience at your company.

InCommon Connect

makes it stunningly simple for you to connect with others by uncovering what you have in common.

Features of InCommon

Stunningly simple to use. No training needed.
Rapid Implementation
You can deploy in less than a day.
Works with all major HRIS applications.
Implement modules that fit your needs.

InCommon in the News
Read our research with over 1,600 CEOs confirming leader concerns about relationship building, team building, employee development, and the overall sense of connection to company culture.
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Discover the transformative power of the CORE framework in reshaping company culture and employee experience in a rapidly evolving workplace.

We Wrote the Book

HOLY SHIFT! Moving Your Company Forward to the Future of Work is our bestselling book that takes you to the heart of the single biggest and fastest shift in how we work and live in history. Readers and leaders at every level will discover stunningly practical ideas and actions to help move your company forward to the future of work.
It combines a reflection of how we got to now with research on how companies are managing this moment. You are then given a roadmap in the form of a strategic framework and pragmatic playbook
Welcome to Holy Shift.

Let's Connect

Our mission at InCommon is to help people, companies and communities grow. We would love to learn more about you and share the work we're doing.