Moving Your
Company Forward
to the Future of Work

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"If you want to build a world-class culture and help move your company forward, Holy Shift is the book that you should give to everyone on your team."
Kenneth Frazier
Executive Chairman and Former CEO of Merck and Co. and OneTen Co-Chair
"I am totally in love with this book. The best thing that anyone in HR can do is hand it out to every member of their leadership team. Holy Shift is THE Playbook for the Future of Work."
Diane Adams
Chief Culture and Talent Officer at Sprinklr and Former HR Leader at Cisco Systems, Qlik, Allscripts, and McGraw-Hill
"Personal. Authentic. Compelling. Inspiring. Holy Shift provides a huge level of clarity with an optimistic and pragmatic path forward."
Ismat Duckson Aziz
Former Chief Human Resources Officer for Fortune 500 Companies including U.S. Bancorp, Sprint Corporation, and Sam's Club/Walmart
"Holy Shift cracks the code on company culture with a strategic framework and practical playbook that can help any company. This is truly a must read for every CEO as well as leaders at every level of an organization."
Hemant Taneja
CEO and Managing Director of General Catalyst
"The last few years have been a wakeup call for every leader on the importance of culture in good times and bad. Holy Shift explains how we got here and where we go from here. Dan is spot on in his analysis of the condition we're in as well as the cure."
Lou Shapiro
CEO of Hospital for Special Surgery
About the Book
HOLY SHIFT! Moving Your Company Forward to the Future of Work takes you on a fascinating journey to the heart of the single biggest and fastest shift in how we work and live in history. Readers and leaders at every level of an organization will discover stunningly practical ideas and actions that address the three big and thorny questions of our time: How did we get here, where do we go from here, and how do we get there?
A visionary CEO with a track-record of building world-class, high-performing company cultures, Dan Michelson combines a reflection of how we got to now with research on how companies are managing this moment to create a roadmap in the form of a strategic framework and pragmatic playbook. HOLY SHIFT! maps the three simple steps that you can take to create momentum to move your company forward to the future of work:
Step One
Step Two
Step Three
This is truly a once-in-a-lifetime opportunity for leaders to lead. It's time to move forward.
Welcome to HOLY SHIFT!
Move Your Company Forward
to the Future of Work
Understanding how we got to now helps us to determine where we should go from here. We're living through a truly stunning and historic change. In other words, shift has happened.
See the Three Shocks to the System:
  1. From Workflow to LIFEFLOW
  2. From Factory-Mode to FLEX- MODE
  3. From Collective Concept to INDIVIDUAL EXPERIENCE
A shift in thinking is now needed to help you turn culture into a strategy for your company. It's time to pivot to an approach that truly brings people together.
Make the Five Mindset Shifts:
  1. From Culture as a Tactic to CULTURE AS A STRATEGY
  2. From Bring Back to BRING TOGETHER
  3. From Macro to MICRO
  4. From Managing to COACHING
  5. From Evaluation to CONVERSATION
Here's your strategic framework and practical playbook to help people on your team feel like they are part of the CORE and connected to your company, culture, and their coworkers.
Deploy the CORE Four Framework:
  1. COMMUNITY: Create a Sense of Belonging and Connection
  2. OPPORTUNITY: Ensure Excitement about the Future
  3. RELATIONSHIPS: Build Trusting Relationships
  4. EXPERIENCES: Deliver Experiences that Create a Growth Skillset
About the Author
Dan Michelson is the Founder and CEO of InCommon, a for-purpose company that helps companies turn culture into a strategy that drives productivity and engagement by ensuring everyone feels connected and part of the CORE.
For the prior ten years he was CEO of Strata, a 500-person healthcare technology company with a mission to help heal healthcare. Strata was recognized as one of the nation’s fastest-growing companies, one of the best places to work, and had the highest customer satisfaction in the industry. In his time with Strata, the valuation of the company increased by more than $1 billion. Prior to joining Strata, Dan spent a decade as the Chief Marketing Officer and Chief Strategy Officer of Allscripts, helping the company grow from 100 to over 6,000 employees and over $1 billion in annual revenue.
Dan is an Adjunct Professor at the Quinlan School of Business at Loyola University in Chicago. He is also the Founder of projectMUSIC, a benefit concert that sends children in need to overnight camp, and of HackHunger, a collaborative of tech companies working to crack the code on hunger. He earned his bachelor’s in finance from Indiana University and an MBA from DePaul University. He is an avid runner, having completed twenty marathons as well as an Ironman Triathlon. Dan and his wife, Kim, have two children, Emma and Ian.
Moving Your
Company Forward
to the Future of Work